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  • Is At-Home Hemodialysis Right for You? Considerations and Benefits


    At-home hemodialysis represents a significant advancement in renal care, offering patients greater flexibility and control over their treatment regimen compared

  • Types of Peritoneal Dialysis: Understanding Your Options


    A renal replacement therapy that utilizes the peritoneum (a membrane in your abdomen) as a filter to remove waste products and excess fluid from the blood when

  • Preparing for a Kidney Transplant: What Patients Need to Know


    Preparing for a kidney transplant is a significant step towards improving health and quality of life for individuals with kidney failure. This procedure offers

  • Life-Saving Kidney Transplants: How CFKC Supports Patients


    Central Florida Kidney Centers (CFKC) is an organization dedicated to providing support and resources to kidney failure patients in Florida. One of their main f

  • The Benefits of Peritoneal Dialysis: Insights from Central Florida Kidney Centers


    Peritoneal dialysis is a form of renal replacement therapy that uses the peritoneum (a membrane in the abdomen) to filter waste and excess fluid from the blood.

  • How In-Center Hemodialysis Works at CFKC: A Patient's Guide


    In-center hemodialysis is a procedure that involves the use of a machine to remove waste and excess fluid from the blood for individuals with kidney failure. At

  • Bringing Dialysis Home: The Advantages of At-Home Hemodialysis with Central Florida Kidney Centers


    Central Florida Kidney Centers offers a comprehensive at-home hemodialysis program that provides patients with the opportunity to receive dialysis treatment in

  • Empowering Lives: How Central Florida Kidney Center Provide Vital Dialysis Support


    Central Florida Kidney Center (CFKC) plays a crucial role in providing life-saving dialysis treatment to patients with kidney failure.

    Here ar

  • Understanding Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD): Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options


    Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a genetic disorder that causes numerous fluid-filled cysts to form in the kidneys. These cysts can grow over time, leading to

  • Central Florida Kidney Centers: Offering Peritoneal Dialysis for Renal Health


    Peritoneal dialysis is a form of renal replacement therapy that uses the peritoneal membrane in the abdomen as a natural filter to remove waste and excess fluid

  • Embracing the Benefits of At-Home Hemodialysis for Kidney Well-Being


    At-home hemodialysis is an alternative treatment option for individuals with kidney failure that allows patients to undergo dialysis treatments in the comfort o

  • Little Fighters, Big Hearts: Navigating Pediatric Dialysis for Childhood Wellness at Central Florida Kidney Centers


    Pediatric dialysis can be a challenging experience for children and their families, but with the right support and resources, it is possible to navigate this jo

  • Renewed Hope: Exploring the Path to Wellness with Kidney Transplant Services


    Living with kidney disease can be challenging, but with the help of kidney transplant services, there is renewed hope for those in need of a transplant. By expl

  • CFKC Center of Care: Navigating In-Center Hemodialysis for Optimal Kidney Health


    Navigating in-center hemodialysis can be challenging, but with the right approach, you can optimize your kidney health.

    Here are some followin

  • Understanding Genetic Kidney Disease and Navigating the Path to Wellness


    Genetic kidney diseases are a group of disorders that are caused by changes in genes responsible for proper kidney function. These conditions can affect individ

  • A Comprehensive Guide to Diet and Nutrition for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)


    Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a condition in which the kidneys do not function properly, leading to a buildup of waste and fluid in the body. It is essential

  • CFKC's Guide to At-Home Hemodialysis for Enhanced Comfort and Care


    CFKC's Guide to At-Home Hemodialysis for Enhanced Comfort and Care is a comprehensive resource for individuals undergoing hemodialysis treatment at home. This g

  • Little Heroes, Big Battles: A Guide to Pediatric Dialysis and Kidney Care


    It is a comprehensive and detailed resource aimed at providing valuable information for parents, caregivers, and healthcare professionals involved in the care o

  • Understanding the Importance of Kidney Dialysis for Lifelong Health


    Kidney dialysis is a life-saving treatment for individuals with kidney failure or end-stage renal disease (ESRD). This process involves removing waste and exces

  • Home Hemodialysis in the Heart of Florida: Empowering Wellness in Orlando


    Home hemodialysis (HHD) is a type of dialysis that allows patients with kidney failure to receive treatment in the comfort of their own homes. In the heart of F

  • Salt Sensibility: Reducing Sodium Intake for Kidney Stone Prevention


    Reducing sodium intake is an important step in preventing kidney stones. Excessive sodium consumption can increase the risk of kidney stone formation by causing

  • Navigating Social Gatherings: Tips for Kidney Patients at Events and Parties


    Social gatherings can be challenging for kidney patients as they often involve food and drink choices that are not suitable for their dietary restrictions. Howe

  • The Stages of CKD: Navigating the Progression and Treatment Options


    Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a condition where the kidneys gradually lose their ability to function properly over time. This can lead to a variety of symptom

  • Managing Your Health: Tips for Self-Care and Monitoring during Home Hemodialysis


    Home hemodialysis is a treatment option for individuals with advanced kidney disease who are unable to undergo traditional, in-center hemodialysis. It allows pa

  • The Benefits of Peritoneal Dialysis: Quality of Life in Kidney Care


    Peritoneal dialysis is a form of kidney replacement therapy that involves using the peritoneal membrane in the abdomen to filter waste and excess fluid from the

  • Navigating Home Hemodialysis: Unveiling the Benefits, Risks, and Barriers


    Home hemodialysis is a treatment option for individuals with kidney failure that allows them to perform dialysis treatments in the comfort of their own home. Wh

  • Post-Transplant Care: Ensuring a Successful Kidney Transplant Recovery


    After undergoing a kidney transplant, it is crucial to take proper care of your new organ to ensure a successful recovery.

    Here are some follo

  • Advancements in Kidney Care: The Future of Kidney Disease Treatment


    Millions of people worldwide that are affected by a chronic and progressive condition known as kidney disease. It can lead to kidney failure, requiring dialysis

  • 10 Benefits of screening for chronic kidney disease


    Screening for chronic kidney disease (CKD) involves conducting various tests to evaluate kidney function and identify any damage or impairment. Early detection

  • The Role of Hemodialysis in Managing Kidney Disease


    Hemodialysis is a medical procedure used to manage kidney disease in individuals with advanced stage renal failure. It is an important component of renal replac

  • Supporting Loved Ones with Kidney Disease: How to Help and What to Know


    Having a loved one with kidney disease can be challenging, both for them and for their family and friends. However, there are several ways you can support and h

  • Managing Diabetes to Protect Your Kidneys


    Managing diabetes is crucial to protect your kidneys, as diabetes is a leading cause of kidney disease. By closely monitoring and taking proper care of your dia

  • Dialysis on Your Terms: Scheduling Flexibility in At-Home Hemodialysis


    At-home hemodialysis is a type of dialysis that allows patients to receive treatment in the comfort of their own home. One of the major advantages of this treat

  • Nutrition Tips for Kidney Health: What to Eat and What to Avoid

    Maintaining kidney health is essential for overall well-being. A proper diet and good nutrition play a crucial role in ensuring optimal kidney health.

    Here are some nutrition tips

  • Understanding Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Stages and Progression


    A condition where the kidneys gradually lose their ability to function properly over time is known as chronic kidney disease (CKD). It is typically a progressiv

  • Traveling and In-Center Hemodialysis: Tips for Patients on the Move


    Traveling can be a challenge for patients who require in-center hemodialysis. However, with the right planning and preparation, it is possible to enjoy travelin

  • Pediatric Dialysis: Providing Specialized Care for Young Patients at Central Florida Kidney Centers


    Pediatric Dialysis is a specialized branch of healthcare that focuses on providing care for young patients with kidney conditions at Central Florida Kidney Cent

  • Living Well with Kidney Disease: Lifestyle Strategies for Quality of Life


    Living with kidney disease can be challenging, but there are various lifestyle strategies that can make a significant difference in your quality of life.

  • Nutrition and Fluid Management for At-Home Hemodialysis Patients: A Comprehensive Guide


    Nutrition and fluid management are crucial aspects of at-home hemodialysis patients' care. Proper diet and hydration play a significant role in maintaining over

  • Understanding the Role of Kidney Transplant Coordinators: Key Players in Successful Transplantation


    Kidney transplant coordinators play a crucial role in ensuring the success of kidney transplantation procedures. These healthcare professionals are responsible

  • Traveling on Hemodialysis: Tips for Maintaining Treatment Routine Away from Home


    Traveling on hemodialysis can be challenging as it requires careful planning and preparation to ensure that you can maintain your treatment routine while away f

  • The Importance of Dialysis: How Central Florida Kidney Centers Support Patients


    Dialysis is a critical medical procedure that helps individuals with kidney failure by removing waste products and excess fluid from their blood. This procedure

  • Pediatric Dialysis: Understanding the Lifesaving Treatment for Children with Kidney Disease


    Pediatric dialysis is a lifesaving treatment for children with kidney disease. When a child's kidneys are unable to function properly, dialysis helps in artific

  • The Benefits of Home Hemodialysis: Convenience, Flexibility, and Independence


    Home Hemodialysis or Home HD is a type of dialysis treatment that can be done in the comfort of a patient’s own home. It is a form of treatment that gives

  • Home Hemodialysis: Long-Term Treatment Option for Kidney Failure

    Home hemodialysis is a form of dialysis therapy that is performed by the patient in their own home, rather than in a hospital or a dialysis center. Home hemodialysis uses a machine that filters the

  • Early Detection of Kidney Disease: Why You Should Care


    Early detection of kidney disease is critical to ensure that individuals can receive treatment as early as possible to reduce long-term complications. Early dia

  • What is the difference between Peritoneal Dialysis vs. Home Hemodialysis?

    Peritoneal dialysis: Peritoneal dialysis is a type of dialysis which uses the peritoneal membrane as

  • Kidney Diet: 9 Proven Tips for Dieting When You Have Chronic Kidney Disease

    1. Choose low-protein, low-sodium, and low-potassium foods.

    Your diet should be tailored to your individual needs and should include foods low in protein, sodium, and pot

  • A Guide to Home Hemodialysis

    Home hemodialysis is a form of dialysis that is done at home instead of at a hospital or clinic. It is a way for someone

  • Understanding the importance of Kidney Dialysis

    What is kidney dialysis?

    Kidney dialysis is a medical procedure that is used to remove waste, toxins and exc

  • How to Find the Best Pediatric Dialysis Center Near You

    Finding the best pediatric dialysis center near you can be a challenging task. The key to finding the right center is to research a var

  • 10 Symptoms of Kidney Disease You Shouldn't Ignore

    What are the most common kidney diseases?

    The most common kidney diseases include chronic kidney disease, polycystic kidney disease, acute kidney injury, and kidney stone

  • 8 Reasons to Consider Home Hemodialysis

    What is Home Hemodialysis?

    Home hemodialysis is a form of dialysis that patients can perform

  • 10 Travel Tips for Kidney Disease Patients

    Kidney disease, also known as renal disease, is a condition in which the kidneys are damaged or unable to function properly. Kidney disease is a serious condition that requires careful management a

  • Pediatric Kidney Disease Treatment at Central Florida Kidney Centers

    Pediatric kidney disease is a condition that affects the kidneys of infants, children, and adolescents. It can have a significant impact on growth and development, and can lead to serious health co

  • Preserving Your Kidney Health — In-Center Hemodialysis at Central Florida Kidney Centers

    Preserving your kidney health is essential in-Center Hemodialysis at Central Florida Kidney Centers for maintaining overall well-being and preventing serious health complications. The kidneys play

  • 10 Tips to Prevent Kidney Disease If You Have Diabetes

    If you have diabetes, you are at a higher risk of developing kidney disease. The kidneys play an important role in filtering waste products from the blood, and high blood sugar levels caused by dia

  • Top 8 Best Drinks for People with Kidney Disease

    When you have kidney disease or are subject to liquid intake limitations because of renal failure or dialysis, you need to be careful about the liquids you put in your body since some of them may b

  • 8 Things You Need To Know About Chronic Kidney Disease

    Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) affects millions of Americans, yet many are unaware that they even have this condition. Symptoms tend to be mild and often go unnoticed, especially in the earlier stage

  • Why You Should Choose Central Florida Kidney Centers for Kidney Dialysis

    Dialysis is used to filter blood and remove extra fluid from the body when kidneys can no longer do these crucial tasks. Peritoneal dialysis and hemodialysis are the two main modalities of this the

  • 7 Tips for Travelling While On Kidney Dialysis

    7 Tips If You Need to Take a Trip but Have Kidney Dialysis

    Although vacationing is one of life's greatest joys, dialysis patients may be hesitant to go too far from their

  • 6 Easy Ways to Prevent Kidney Stones

    Kidney stones are one of the most common medical conditions. They occur when minerals build up in the kidney, which creates small, hard deposits. Kidney stones can be excruciating and cause serious

  • What Is Hemodialysis and How Does It Work?

    Hemodialysis is an essential medical treatment for patients who have reached the end stage of kidney failure. By controlling the patient's fluid and waste levels, this treatment has the potential t

  • How to Know When You Need a Kidney Transplant

    Your kidneys are two of the essential organs in your body. They filter your blood, remove waste and excess water, and help regulate your blood pressure. If your kidneys aren't working correctly, it

  • Peritoneal Dialysis: What You Need To Know

    If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with kidney failure, you may wonder what treatment options are available. One option is pe

  • Kidney Failure - What Type of Dialysis Should I Have?

    If you have kidney failure, you may need dialysis to live. Dialysis removes extra fluid and wastes from your blood when your kidneys can't do this anymore. There are two types of dialysis: hemodial

  • 5 Tips on How to Ask For a Living Kidney Donation

    We make it a routine practice to solicit help from others. Even though these favors are usually small, we don't think twice about asking for them. But it might be challenging to ask someone to do s

  • 5 Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing Home Dialysis

    Dialysis is only one treatment that has become more difficult to provide in hospitals since the outbreak. Most dialysis patients must get treatment regularly, which necessitates many journeys to th

  • What to Know About Stage IV Chronic Kidney Disease

    If a person's glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is between 15 and 30 ml/min, they are considered to have stage 4 chronic kidney disease (CKD). If your GFR is in this range, your kidneys aren't doing

  • Can a Person Recover From Kidney Failure?

    Patients with renal failure who get treatment have a fair chance of a long and healthy life, even though there is currently no cure. Whether the renal failure was acute or chronic makes a massive d

  • How Walking Can Improve Kidney Health?

    If you or someone you love is experiencing kidney issues, one of the many things you should ask is, "What treatment options do I have open to me?" “Can you tell me the procedure for

  • Can I Travel While On Dialysis?

    For patients on dialysis or who have just had a kidney transplant, being able to travel is critical to their quality of life and sense of self-worth. To attend business conferences or meetings, pat

  • How To Keep Your Job While On Dialysis

    In addition to providing financial security, health insurance, and other benefits for employees and their families, a job may also be socially rewarding. What alternatives do you have if you learn

  • 6 Things to Consider When Facing Kidney Disease

    If you have CKD, you can protect your kidneys from additional damage by following a few simple guidelines. It is to your best advantage to acquire a kidney disease diagnosis as soon as possible. Th

  • Common signs of Kidney Stones and its prevention

    Approximately 500,000 Americans visit emergency rooms annually for kidney stone-related illnesses. About one in ten individuals may develop kidney stone pain at some time. From 3.8% in the late 197

  • Facts on Kidney Transplantation Before Starting Dialysis

    Deciding whether or not to have a kidney transplant requires considerable contemplation. Making a decision will be much easier if you are aware of all the essential information.


  • Kidney Transplant: What You Need to Know Before Surgery

    Before enduring a life-changing event like a kidney transplant, it is imperative that you have a clear understanding of what to expect.

    In terms of organ transplantation, kidney

  • Dialysis in Florida for Traveller at CFKC

    It is crucial for a patient's quality of life and feeling of self-worth to travel, especially if they are on dialysis or have just had a kidney transplant. Patients who are employed may be required

  • Which Kidney Dialysis Option is Right for Me?

    There is no universal treatment for end-stage renal disease (ESRD); hence, individualized care is needed. Using your doctor's guidance, you may narrow down your treatment choices to the one that be

  • 5 Recovery Tips For Kidney Transplant Patients

    The damaged kidney is removed and replaced with a healthy one from a donor during a major surgical procedure known as a kidney transplant. Patients whose kidneys have stopped working for any reason

  • Hemodialysis vs Peritoneal Dialysis: Which is Right for You?

    Peritoneal dialysis (PD) and hemodialysis (HD) are two dialysis methods that have recently seen an increase in interest in evaluating health outcomes throughout the spectrum. As chronic disorders l

  • How Long can You Live on Kidney Dialysis?

    Dialysis is the only therapeutic option for patients who have reached the end stage of renal failure. Patients who have been diagnosed with end-stage renal failure may have their life expectancy ex

  • Kidney Transplant: What You Need to Know Before Surgery

    For us, the first step in making our patients confident in the promise we made to educate about the procedure they will go through.

    For those with end-stage renal disease (ESRD) or kidney

  • Is Kidney Transplant Safe?

    A renal transplant, which is another name for a kidney transplant, is a treatment option for people whose kidneys have failed and are towards the end of their lives (ESRD). A patient with renal fai

  • Can a person on dialysis live a normal life?

    To mimic the kidney's function, dialysis uses artificial diffusion and filtration of waste and water from your body. Those whose kidneys have been damaged or are failing to get dialysis therapy are

  • Should I stay on dialysis or have a kidney transplant?

    In many cases, dialysis patients are concerned about the change in quality of life they may experience after they are given a new kidney. In various studies, people who have received kidney transpl

  • Kidney Transplant: It is the Best Option for Survival


    A kidney transplant is a surgical

  • Tips for traveling on Kidney Dialysis by Central Florida Kidney Centers

    It's said that nothing should stop you from achieving your goals. 
    So why do you stay away from your travel goals even if you are on Dialysis these days?

    Keeping some useful t

  • 8 Symptoms of Kidney Infection & Disease You Must Know About

    Kidneys are vital organs that perform a variety of activities in the body. However, various causes might cause them to have health issues that extend across their whole body. The vast majority of k

  • How Alcohol Can Affect the Kidneys

    With the holiday season well underway, there will undoubtedly be a slew of parties, get-togethers, and celebrations in the coming weeks, many of which will involve alcohol. While a drink or two at

  • How Does Dialysis Works For Kidney Failure

    Kidney failure is one of the common problems millions of people are facing in the world today. There are many reasons for an ill or failed kidney function. The most common of them are long-term dia

  • How long can You Live on Peritoneal Dialysis


    Peritoneal dialysis is a type of dialysis for the treatment of kidney failure. In peritoneal

  • When Is A Kidney Transplant Needed?

    This guide provides detailed information about various hospitals for a kidney transplant in Florida, including eligibili

  • Travel Tips: A Guide for Kidney Patients

    Are you planning to travel but need to ensure a smooth kidney dialysis process on the go? Or have any doubts regarding that? This is the right place here. Kidney transplantation is a lifesaving tre

  • How to improve kidney function to avoid dialysis?


    All vertebrates have a pair of kidneys, which are bean-shaped organs. The kidneys maintain blood pressure, electrolyte balance, and waste removal. The kidneys are among the

  • Can Kidney Dialysis Patients Travel By Air?


    Traveling is a fun experience. For many kidney dialysis patients, traveling is a huge morale booster and a point of relaxation. Whether this travel by air is for business o

  • What is the difference between hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis?

    When the kidneys aren't working correctly, a dialysis procedure removes waste products from the blood. There are two forms of dialysis: hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. It wou

  • Can you go on a holiday abroad if you are on kidney dialysis?

    Every human being loves to travel and explore new destinations and interests.  Even those who are undergoing any kind of treatment can travel safely without worrying about falling ill. The sam

  • How long can you live without dialysis with kidney failure?

    Most human beings have two kidneys which help in filtering our body's blood. Some people are born with one kidney also. Our body is capable of functioning with one healthy kidney.  Our kidney

  • When do I need dialysis?

    What exactly are kidneys and how do they function?

    Human beings have two kidneys which are bean-shaped organs, about the size of a fist. They are placed on either side of the spine belo