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How to improve kidney function to avoid dialysis?

  • Introduction

    All vertebrates have a pair of kidneys, which are bean-shaped organs. The kidneys maintain blood pressure, electrolyte balance, and waste removal. The kidneys are among the body's most vital organs. In this article, we will be describing various methods to improve kidney function to avoid kidney failure and dialysis or kidney transplant surgery in Florida.

    If you are detected with chronic kidney disease (CKD) in its early stages, you may take action to preserve kidney functions in Florida Kidney transplant centres. It is possible to have a healthy quality of life despite renal disease if you team up with your doctor.

    A variety of factors cause CKD, but certain things can slow the progression of the disease and avoid the need for dialysis or a kidney transplant surgery in Florida.

    How to improve kidney function to avoid dialysis?

    It doesn't matter how someone gets CKD; they can do things to keep their kidneys working for as long as possible and delay the dialysis or visit Florida Kidney Transplant centres.

    Lose weight by following a healthy diet:

    A good diet and enough nutrition and decreasing excess weight, and engaging in physical activity are all factors that may be controlled entirely by the patient to improve their health.

    Regular physical activity:

    Like all other parts of good health, Healthy kidneys benefit from frequent activity. Ongoing activities like walking, swimming, or biking (indoors or out) are ideal since they require you to work for many muscle groups simultaneously.

    Smoking is terrible for your health:

    Smoking accelerates kidney disease; hence it is suggested that people suffering from renal disease refrain from smoking. A smoker's habits might adversely affect medications for high blood pressure. Kidney disease can occur by uncontrolled or under-controlled high blood pressure. As a result, smoking may exacerbate kidney disease by decreasing the blood supply to these vital organs.

    Reduce salt intake:

    People who have high blood pressure are recommended to reduce the amount of salt they consume. The elimination of excessive protein and phosphorus from the diet, according to several specialists, may also help to halt the advancement of renal disease.

    Lower your blood pressure levels:

    Kidney disease progression and end-stage renal disease slow down by controlling blood pressure. The course of renal disease may be significantly restricted with blood pressure-lowering medications.

    Obesity control:

    Obesity impacts kidneys directly. A person's kidneys must work harder and filter more waste when overweight. Kidney disease becomes more likely due to this additional labour over time.

    Dietary restrictions in people with kidney disease:


    Sodium is a primary component of table salt. Sodium levels increase when kidneys are damaged. Sodium intake should be kept under 2,000 mg per day, if possible.


    Potassium levels must be kept low with renal disease to prevent dangerously high blood levels. Usually, 2,000 mg potassium per day is suggested.


    Illnesses of the kidneys may cause a reduction in water. Diseased kidneys are less effective in removing waste fluid. Overhydration harms. Hypertension, edema, and heart failure. Breathing may be difficult due to extra fluid surrounding the lungs. Ease up on water-rich Cut salt to minimise thirst.

    Consult a Doctor:

    Consult a Florida Kidney Transplant Centre if symptoms of chronic kidney disease appear regularly; this helps to diagnose chronic kidney disease in early-stage and improve kidney function, avoiding dialysis and failure of the kidney.


    Keeping up excellent health habits, working, and socialising are strategies to control one's situation. Diabetes and hypertension are the leading causes of CKD in Americans. All of these disorders may be treated or avoided. Although being diagnosed with chronic kidney disease (CKD) is alarming, you may take actions to extend kidney function and prevent kidney transplant surgery in Florida. You may live a healthy life with kidney disease if you work closely with your doctor and have access to experts like at Central Florida Kidney Center.

    Posted on: 2022/02/24