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Top 8 Best Drinks for People with Kidney Disease

  • When you have kidney disease or are subject to liquid intake limitations because of renal failure or dialysis, you need to be careful about the liquids you put in your body since some of them may be more harmful than others and affect your kidneys negatively.

    Each patient with kidney disease should follow the renal diet plan recommended by their physician, dietician, and medical staff. Regarding your nutritional levels, such as those for potassium and phosphorus, this also involves fluid intake. Let’s discuss the top 8 best drinks for people with kidney disease.

    1. Water

    Water is the source of all life, making it by far the best beverage you can have. Water is the ideal option for kidney patients because it is not only nutritious but also contains no calories. Although it is advised to address this with your medical team because studies are ongoing, it is still ideal to drink water to quench your thirst even if it is not yet apparent whether doing so may help reduce the progression of renal failure in the early stages of kidney disease.

    2. Sparkling Water

    Dark sodas can be hurting your kidneys more than you think. However, sparkling water can be your best option if you cannot stop drinking soda. It combines the advantages of water with the extra bubbles we love. Sparkling water is available in a variety of flavors, but as with any meal, it is crucial to read the labels to make sure you are not consuming more than you should.

    3. Smoothies

    A smoothie may be your go-to option for breakfast or lunch if you need to cool off. But if you have CKD, you need to exercise caution because several of them might be high in potassium and phosphorus. Frozen fruit is an excellent way to reduce the quantity of liquid in your smoothie if you have renal disease and must limit your fluid consumption. You can get the ideal, healthy amount of vitamins and antioxidants from a delicious smoothie.

    4. Coffee

    Many individuals find it difficult to begin their days without the charm of freshly brewed coffee. For kidney patients, black coffee is the best option. You can find it quite challenging to adjust to this. You might have to drink your coffee black due to the high potassium and phosphorus content of some milk and creamers. It is possible that diabetes contributed to your kidney illness, thus avoiding sugar will also be beneficial.

    5. Herbal Tea

    You might not be using herbal tea to treat or cure renal disease; perhaps all you want to do is relax with a book, a blanket, and a warm cup of tea. Similar to coffee, tea can help you start your day or just be soothing. Just keep in mind what happens when you add milk and sugar to your tea. The advantages of herbal tea for treating renal illness have not been conclusively proven by clear, finished investigations. If you have any questions about herbal teas, please get medical advice from a doctor or other qualified person. If you are on a fluid limit, your cup of tea would still count.

    6. Green Tea

    Drinking green tea on a daily basis keeps you stocked with "polyphenols," which function as antioxidants.

    For those with renal problems, green tea is a zero-calorie beverage that is ideal because it also lowers the risk of kidney illnesses.

    7. Carrot Juice

    One 8-ounce glass of carrot juice has 689 milligrams of potassium. This makes it a bad juice to consume if you are following a renal diet.

    8. Apple Juice

    It is vital to read your labels because grape juice products frequently include apple juice. On a renal diet, apple juice contains more potassium than is ideal for maintaining healthy kidneys. In an 8-ounce drink, there is 228 mg of potassium. There are superior options, such as cranberry juice.


    The aforementioned beverages promote healthy kidneys. Do not drastically alter your diet or the number of fluids you consume if you have a kidney-related condition, such as chronic renal disease, before consulting your doctor. A kidney-healthy diet is crucial because kidney illness prevents your kidneys from properly removing toxins and fluid from your blood. Consult a Central Florida Kidney Centers which can provide you with guidance on kidney-friendly eating and drinking habits.

    Posted on: 2023/01/31