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Can you go on a holiday abroad if you are on kidney dialysis?

  • Every human being loves to travel and explore new destinations and interests.  Even those who are undergoing any kind of treatment can travel safely without worrying about falling ill. The same goes to the patients undergoing dialysis too. Some patients might be working and have to travel due to business, some older patients have the desire to travel to their favorite destinations with their loved ones, some students who want to explore new places, anyone who is undergoing dialysis can travel with proper care taken. Trips that are planned long back are more convenient but if a patient wants to travel due to any emergency procedures are available to facilitate safe travel.

    Do you know the procedures to travel?

    So, if one decides to travel make sure you start planning 5 to 8 weeks before the trip. Please consult with your doctor regarding the travel. He will be able to give you an update about your health conditions and will be able to decide if you are fit enough to travel. Make sure your trip timings are flexible so that you have time allotted for dialysis treatment. If you want your treatment to be on a particular day you must pre register at the place you are going to take your treatment from. Sometimes such allotments will not be available due to the number of units and beds available and the number of local patients. So it is advisable to not have a tight scheduled trip activities and keep the timetable flexible.

    Make sure to contact the dialysis center where you will receive your treatment prior to your travel. Take the required documents like medical prescription, medical history, frequency of your dialysis needs, name, address, where you will be staying, guardian who will be taking care of you, any other special treatment. Make sure you email all the documents to the dialysis center. Before going to the allotted dialysis center please enquire about the facility and standards of the center to prevent any kind of infections and side effects. 

    You must keep an eye on the diet and take your medication at the proper time. Make sure to contact more than one dialysis center available at a particular area so that you can have a backup center if you are not able to go to the center which you already planned to go to.  If your travel was due to an emergency like a death of a family member or any other cause you need not worry. Most of the dialysis centers take the maximum effort to help you and take care of your needs. So please have a pleasant trip with no worries because wherever you go there are centers like the dialysis center in Orlando and the center at Florida will be able to help you and take care of you. If you are looking for the best, CKFC is the perfect spot for you!

    Posted on: 2022/01/24