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Tips for traveling on Kidney Dialysis by Central Florida Kidney Centers

  • It's said that nothing should stop you from achieving your goals. 
    So why do you stay away from your travel goals even if you are on Dialysis these days?

    Keeping some useful tips in mind can make your travel dreams true. After all, everything is possible in love, war, and Kidney Dialysis.

    Let's get you those 5 Valuable tips!

    1. Speak to your physician first

    Consulting your doctor about your health status is the prerequisite you should perform before making any travel plans.

    2. Planning is the route to your Travel goals

    If you are planning to travel for a day or two, prefer dialysis a day before your travel, and as you come back get on it again.

    But for longer periods, beyond three days, it's better to look for places with dialysis centers.

    Take assistance from your Healthcare team to locate the dialysis centers two months prior for In-Center dialysis, schedule appointments two weeks before, and ensure the timings of your suitability.

    3. Consult your Insurance Carrier

    It's vital to ask your insurance provider about the expenses which will be covered in your health insurance so that you might not go short in cash in the future.

    4. Inform the Airport and Hotels you are about to check-in

    The airport and the hotel staff must be told beforehand, about your equipment like wheelchairs, scooters, home hemodialysis machines (for home Hemodialysis patients), etc.

    You may also be given forms to be filled out by your doctor and fulfill some other requirements.

    5. Your medicines and medical records are essential to carry

    Don't forget to carry extra medications for unknown travel delays.

    Although you may have mailed your medical data such as recent lab results, EKG, chest X-rays, and other information to the transient dialysis center, keep a physical copy of your medical records to avoid a last-minute crisis.

    Some more tips: 

    1. For home hemodialysis and peritoneal patients, it's important to be  aware of the nearest dialysis centers of the travel destination

    2. If you are planning a trip to the Disney World or USA's famous family vacation destination-Orlando, USA, here are some of the best-rated Dialysis centers near Disney World are :

          1. Fresenius Kidney Care Four Corners

          2. DaVita Dialysis

          3. DaVita Osceola Loop Dialysis

    Some best Dialysis centers in Orlando are :

         1. DaVita Orlando Southwest Dialysis

         2. Central Florida Kidney Center

        3. Fresenius Kidney Care West Orlando

    1. Arrive at the airport two and a half hours ahead of the flight departure time, so that you have extra time to checking of luggage and medical equipment.

    2. Keep your loved ones, doctor's number in your carry-on and stay in regular touch with them

    Once the cause of the infection is determined, the doctor will prescribe Antibiotics as per your situation. There are certain dialysis Centers in Orlando that help patients with Chronic Kidney Disease by providing them with state-of-the-art facilities for Hemodialysis that extends their life span.

    *This article is not an alternative to your physician or social worker's advice.

    Posted on: 2022/04/19