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Top 5 Healthy Drinks for people with Kidney Disease

  • We have two kidneys, which are organs shaped like beans and are positioned on either side of the spine, deep in the abdomen, each one around 10-15cm long. Their primary function is to remove toxins from the bloodstream and convert the waste into urine.

    To keep their kidneys functioning properly, people with diabetes, kidney disease, or other conditions that impact the kidneys must consume enough fluid. People with low blood pressure should drink high amounts of water to keep their kidneys healthy. Kidneys act as filters through which toxins are removed from our body.

    Since fluids play an important role in keeping the kidneys healthy, here are the top 5 healthy drinks for people with kidney disease:

    1. Water:

    Water is the ideal beverage for kidney health because it provides your kidneys with the fluids they require while avoiding sugar, caffeine, and other chemicals that are harmful to your kidneys.

    For optimal kidney health, one has to drink four to six glasses of water each day. Renal failure patients must be aware of the number of fluids they consume on a daily basis. Your doctor will advise you how much fluid you should drink if you have renal failure, which is a condition in which your kidneys have ceased performing well enough to sustain life. During such cases, you can start dialysis at a kidney dialysis center or undergo kidney dialysis at home.

    2. Cranberry Juice:

    Because cranberry juice includes components that prevent bacteria from attaching to the urinary tract wall, it can help prevent UTIs. While the majority of UTIs remain in the bladder, they can spread to the kidneys and cause infections.

    3. Lemon or lime-based citrus juice:

    Citrate, a salt found in citric acid, binds to calcium and prevents the production of stones. According to studies, drinking half a cup of lemon juice concentrate diluted in water or the juice of two lemons per day can raise urine citrate and lower the risk of kidney stones.

    4. Black coffee:

    Coffee consumption may help you avoid renal disease and keep your kidneys filtering at a higher level for longer periods of time. It should be consumed in moderation. Black coffee is always a better alternative to high-calorie or sugary drinks.

    5. Unsweetened green tea:

    Polyphenols, which operate as antioxidants, are abundant in a cup of green tea. Although specialists are conflicted on whether green tea can improve your health in a medical sense, it is a safe, pleasant, and calorie-free beverage for persons with renal disease. Green tea may also help to reduce the risk of kidney stones. Drinking unsweetened green tea is the secret to brewing a flawless cup.

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    Posted on: 2022/01/06