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Treatments Pediatric Dialysis

At CFKC, your child will have the specialized care needed in a comfortable setting with one-on-one clinical support throughout the dialysis treatment. Our pediatric program is geared towards an interim solution in which the children are placed on dialysis until they receive a kidney from a donor.

Our pediatric dialysis center is kid-friendly with free Wi-Fi and video entertainment for the duration of the treatment.

Treatments may be initially uncomfortable, but not painful, and will last 2-4 hours depending on your doctor’s recommendation. While resting in the center, your child will be connected to a dialysis machine which will filter and clean your child’s blood, removing waste products and excess fluid from the body. For pediatric patients, we use safe and specialized techniques and equipment to ensure the safety and comfort of children during dialysis.  Your pediatric nephrologist will help you choose which of two options are best for your child: Hemodialysis or Peritoneal Dialysis.

Following the dialysis treatment, your child can return to regular daily activities.  Families are encouraged, with support available from our social workers and nutrition team, to eat a healthy diet with physical activity to complement the positive impacts of dialysis.