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Treatments In-Center Hemodialysis

Central Florida Kidney Centers provide easy, medically supported hemodialysis with caring staff and the latest dialysis technologies. You will begin your therapy with us after participating in a self-care information session to learn about kidney disease and how to participate in your treatment.

This treatment option requires a visit to one of our centers three times a week. To make your visits convenient and stress -free, we provide:

  • Appointment times that are individualized, whenever possible, to accommodate your schedule
  • Evening shift treatment times at some locations
  • Free Wi-Fi and audio-visual entertainment during dialysis
  • Comfortable, reclining chairs
  • Clinical care provided by dialysis qualified nurses, technicians, social workers, dietitians and nephrologists

Treatments are usually between 3-4 hours and you will be under close supervision by our care team who will connect you to a dialysis machine that will act as a healthy kidney. Your treatment will filter waste, toxins and excess fluid out of your blood. Your blood that has been cleaned with dialysis will allow your body to perform its good work until your next treatment.