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Treatments Hemodialysis

Hemodialysis (In-Center)

Quality care is provided utilizing the latest available technology. Patients are encouraged to learn about their disease and  actively participate in their  treatment. Classes are available for the patient to learn about self-care in the facility and at home

  • Appointment times are individualized, whenever possible, to accommodate the specific patient needs.
  • Evening shift treatment times are available to meet the needs working patients at some locations.
  • Audio-visual entertainment is available during dialysis.
  • Adult nephrology care is provided by many board certified and board eligible nephrologists in private practice in Central Florida.
  • Pediatric patient care is provided. There are board certified nephrologists on staff.

Having provided therapy for patients from around the world, we are confident of our ability to make the visiting dialysis patient feel at home.

What is Hemodialysis (HD)

The word “hemo” refers to blood, hemodialysis is a process that balances blood chemistry (electrolytes) and filters waste and fluid from the blood

This therapy is typically performed at a dialysis center, although it can be performed at home

Two needles are inserted into your arm for each treatment

  • One withdraws the blood
  • One returns the filtered blood to your body

The blood travels outside the body through tubing and passes through a filter on a dialysis machine

  • The dialysis machine pumps the blood through the filter – called a dialyzer
  • The filter cleans the blood
  • The machine prepares the dialysate, monitors the treatment and pumps the blood

The clean blood is returned to your body

How Is Blood Removed and Replaced?

A fistula is the surgical linking of an artery to a vein providing access to blood vessels

A graft is tubing that is surgically placed under the skin, linking an artery to a vein


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