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Kidney Transplant Coordination

Kidney transplant is an alternative form of therapy to dialysis for patients who have received medical approval as potential transplant candidates. Our transplant support team meets with patients and family members to fully understand the process, benefits, risks and responsibilities for transplantation. And, in coordination with your nephrologist and medical team, we help our patients with tests required for the pre-transplant workup process.  Records are kept updated for patients to maintain their status on the transplant registry after being accepted as a transplant candidate.

Nutrition Services

Your care with us includes the support of a Registered Dietitian who will provide nutritional assessment, counseling and a customized meal plan – because healthy eating  is one of the best things that you can do to care for your kidneys. Our nutrition team will help you learn what nutrients, protein, carbohydrates, fat, vitamins and minerals you’ll need and what foods are best for each.  And, as you progress, we will make modified diet recommendations along the way to get you to optimal health.

Emotional Counseling and Referral Assistance

To help our patients adjust to life with kidney disease, we offer counseling services for both patients and families and referral support for community services including health care coverage, transportation services, and vocational rehabilitation services. Our Licensed Master Social Workers are expert in providing specialized mental health support for our clientele as part of Central Florida Kidney Centers comprehensive patient care.

Visiting Patient Services

Traveling with dialysis is a breeze with the Central Florida Kidney Center’s travelling patient services in any of our regional locations. Patients or family members can make advanced arrangements four to six weeks ahead by calling our toll-free number 1-800-253-2935. And, if needed while in the area, a rapid work up can be accomplished for emergencies with patients and home unit cooperation.  Our locations are conveniently located within 15 – 30 minutes from metro Orlando attractions including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando and Kennedy Space Center.