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Visiting Patient Services

Traveling with dialysis is a breeze with the Central Florida Kidney Center’s travelling patient services in any of our regional locations. Patients or family members can make advanced arrangements four to six weeks ahead by calling our toll-free number 1-800-253-2935. And, if needed while in the area, a rapid work up can be accomplished for emergencies with patients and home unit cooperation.  Our locations are conveniently located within 15 – 30 minutes from metro Orlando attractions including Walt Disney World, Universal Studios Orlando and Kennedy Space Center.

Travel Tips

1. Plan ahead.

It is recommended that you give at least one to two months' notice for travel.Talk your dialysis support staff for help finding a dialysis center in the area you are visiting, and schedule your appointment well inadvance of arriving at your destination.

2. Call to set up an appointment.

If you are an in center hemodialysis patient or home hemodialysis patient, contact a dialysis center in the city you will be visiting to schedule your treatments. Planning your appointments in advance will help you get into the center most convenient for you, in terms of location and appointment times.

3. Be flexible.

You may have to change the days you dialyze or dialyze at a time or location  that is not convenient. Remember, they are fitting you into their schedule where they can. Units often fit visitors into space that is open due to vacation or hospitalization of one of their patients.

4. Be clear on your needs.
If you are traveling to attend a specific event, let them know what times you would be unavailable to dialyze. 

5. Let your doctor know you will be traveling. Ask if they can work around that.and follow up to get necessary tests done as soon as possible (such as history and physical, EKG, chest X-ray).

6. If you are a peritoneal dialysis (PD) patient. you are not limited to a dialysis center schedule. Be sure to discuss your travel plans with your medical provider before leaving. Make a list of the supplies you will need before leaving, and have them shipped to your destination or keep them with you. The more you plan, the more you will be able to relax and enjoy your vacation once you get there.

7. When making flight reservations. ask for a meal that fits your doctor's recommendations for healthy eating. Most airlines offer low-salt or low-fat options. Bringing your own healthy and appropriate snacks will keep you satisfied while you travel. Airport restaurants and shops do not always offer the healthiest choices, and having your own food with you will be helpful if you are delayed in any way.

8. If you are traveling with a wheelchair or scooter. let your airline kn

ow that you will need assistance before arriving at the airport. Ask the ticket desk attendant to "gate check" your wheelchair and obtain a luggage claim receipt for it. Checking your wheelchair in will allow you to roll your wheelchair directly to the plane. When it is time to board, you can choose to walk to your seat or transfer into an "aisle chair" for assistance to your seat. Be sure to notify the hotel at your destination that you will be traveling with a wheelchair, so they can offer you a handicapped-accessible room. By mentioning this when you make your reservation, you will be more likely to get the room that best suits your needs.

9. Pack necessary medications and medical records. including your physician's phone number, in your carry-on bag.

Travel Checklist

Set up dialysis dates at the dialysis unit in the area you will be traveling Contact units in the area you will be traveling to find a dialysis appointment on the dates you will need. Planning your

 appointments in advance will help you get into the center most convenient for you, in terms of location and appointment times. Be prepared to provide them with the exact dates you are requesting, the contact person at your dialysis unit, their phone number and fax number. They may also ask you about your insurance coverage.

Tell your dialysis unit support staff what you have set up  who you talked with, the phone number, and the dates you will dialyze. They will pull your records together and follow up to make sure that you meet all the requirements of that dialysis center.

Contact your insurance company to find out the level of coverage you have when you travel out of your service area and to make sure you obtain preauthorization/precertification if required by your insurance. This is especially important if you do not have Medicare coverage.

Complete any paperwork requested by your unit support staff in a timely manner. This will include a Release of Information form along with any forms the travel dialysis facility requires.

Update medical records as required. Your unit support staff will let you know items that need to be updated (like an EKG or chest X-ray) in order for you to meet the requirements of the dialysis unit you will be visiting.

Notify your nephrologist of your travel plans.

If your travel plans change, please communicate with the visiting unit, your unit contact and your nephrologist to let them know of the change in plans.

Contact visiting unit about one week prior to travel to verify dates and times (unless instructed differently from unit).

At the end of your last treatment prior to travel, have staff print out your current orders and your last three dialysis treatment log sheets. Bring these with you to your first travel dialysis.

Travel Forms

Please complete this checklist prior to calling another center to to verify availability, and provide this information when you call:

Click the link to download a form:

Worksheet Visiting Patient Form Patient Questionnaire

Once your current dialysis facility has the above information, they will work on getting your medical records and assisting you in meeting the specific requirements of the dialysis facility you are requesting.

To view the Forms you will need Adobe Reader, click below link to download/Install:
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