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    I was diagnosed with CFKC at age 19. Thankfully my FSGS was slow moving. I was able to stay off dialysis for 22 years by eating healthy and by keeping my blood pressure under control. 17 years ago I gave birth to my Son 6 weeks early due to my blood pressure being so high but he was healthy!


    Comments by: Sara

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    Five years ago I learned that my kidneys had failed and I would need to start dialysis to survive. Soon after, I found myself dealing with the sudden death of my mother. Dealing with these two sudden, devastating events at the same time was very challenging and I wasn’t sure how to make things work.


    Comments by: Jazz

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    I was always super healthy and fit. Then out of the blue, at 52 years old, I started getting edema in my feet and ankles. After three months of being misdiagnosed, this grew into a major problem.

    After finally being referred to my nephrologist, a biopsy showed CFKC. My protein/creatinine ratio was 4600.

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    Comments by: Joe

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