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Physician Portal

Our Intake Process

Rest assured, our team will turn around a new patient request within 24 hours or sooner once all requested paperwork is received including*:

  • Demographics
  • History and Physical
  • Nephrology Note
  • Dialysis Orders             
  • Labs (cbc,cmp, hepatitis panel, covid, ect)
  • PPD / Quantiferon / Chest Xray (ruling out tuberculosis)
  • Access Report
  • EKG
  • Patient’s insurance (in network and authorization is needed)

*More documents may be requested as every case is different. If you have a patient(s) that you would like to send to CFKC, please email, and we will get started right away to assign a chair in a facility convenient to you and your patient.

Once a patient has been financially cleared and all initial records for placement have been received, we provide an approved start date and chair time to help your patient get back to a healthier lifestyle.