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Our Physician Mobile App

Our TIME™ Mobile enables you to provide care for your patients from anywhere with Apple and Android applications. Developed by a team of clinicians and technologists as a virtual assistant to physicians and clinicians, TIME Mobile is an essential tool for completing routine clinical tasks in seconds. As you know, sharing information among the care team is a key benefit and critical to continuity of care with TIME Mobile making it simple for doctors on-the-go for:

  • Real-time point-of-care info at point-of-need to improve medical decisions and quality of care
  • Closing the communication loop among the care team for continuity of care
  • Prescribing, medication interactions, and refill authorization
  • Compliance as part of the workflow

TIME Mobile keeps track of and give you full access to update or see care team updates for:

» Access

» Hemo Orders

» Status History
» Access events » Hemo Flowsheet » PD Orders
» Allergies » History » PD Flowsheet History
» Amendment Requests » Hospitalization History » Physical Examination
» Chief Complaint » Immunization History » Progress Notes
» Infection Control » Impressions » Physician Remarks
» Diet Orders » Lab Orders » Problem List
» Drug Reactions » Labs and Admin Meds » Review of Systems
» My Appointments » Reconciled Meds » Unique Orders
» Encounters » Medication Orders » Unsigned Orders
» Encounter Vitals » Notifications » Visit Summary Notes
» Extended Care Team » Appointments » AND MORE
» Family History » Patient Information